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Placing the interests of others first.

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Compassion is about understanding people and being able to empathize with them. It is thinking of others first and putting others’ needs ahead of our own. Compassion is not only understanding how someone else feels, but also wanting to do something to help the other person. Compassion requires listening carefully, asking questions and clarifying what someone is thinking and feeling, and then acting in a way that helps the person feel more comfortable, safe, secure and stable.

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Neuroscience research shows that people who have a great deal of compassion are the happiest and that showing consideration for others is a key attribute of an effective leader. Showing compassion as a leader also allows you to connect on a more personal level and deepen your relationships with followers, thus inspiring them to want to follow you. Compassion is potentially a critical, but oft overlooked aspect of how to keep clients for life. By valuing others and empathizing with them, leaders who demonstrate compassion can help others reach their full potential in their jobs and live a more meaningful and enriching life.

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