The GFS™ designation has been designed for key decision-makers who are serving in critical leadership and stewardship roles.

The 15-hour course of instruction is based on Behavioral Governance, which is a new body of research that studies the interrelationships between Leadership, Stewardship, and Governance.

The GFS program utilizes a uniform decision-making framework to substantiate both regulatory and professional standards of care, such as…fiduciary, best interests, governance, project management and a professional standard of care.

Candidates for the GFS designation must pass a proctored written exam plus prepare their ‘Leader’s Intent’ – a document given to prospects, clients, staff, and service providers that describes the professional’s leadership philosophy.

Qualified candidates also can request to receive the Wake Forest University Executive Education Certificate in Global Financial Stewardship.

Designees are expected to participate in 6 hours of continuing education in the fields of Behavioral Governance, fiduciary responsibility, leadership, stewardship, and governance.


To file a complaint against a designee, please use the form in the Contact section of this site.