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Facing and overcoming risk and fear with fortitude and calm

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Courageous people don’t run from their fears – they face them with strength and conviction. They are not afraid to acknowledge the facts for what they are and embrace them, even when they run contrary to their preferred opinions. Courageous individuals inspire others through their own example to confront the consequences of theirs and others’ actions. When facing obstacles and/or unexpected challenges, courageous individuals remain calm and clear in their thinking, enabling them to consider multiple alternatives. When doing so, courageous people manage their emotions appropriately, while helping others manage their reactions and emotions as well. One never knows when courage will be needed, but it is obvious when displayed. While one’s personality may influence how a person responds to challenges and difficulties, a calm and a controlled demeanor is apparent when courageous people face their fears. Courageous people are not afraid to fail. They learn from their failures and encourage others to embrace failure as a learning experience.

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Life can be hard and all of us have fears that if not confronted, can limit our effectiveness. How we act in the face of those fears helps to demonstrate our courage as a leader, which may inspire those we lead to exhibit courage in their own lives. By demonstrating courage through making difficult decisions or doing the right thing when it is not popular or easy, leaders can enhance the positive influence they have on others.

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